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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My fiance has been in lino lakes for 2 1/2 days and I haven't heard from him! How long does it take to get settled in? Will he receive a free phone call?

Asked: November 16,2014
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Offenders/residents must participate in an orientation upon admission to any department facility. The department holds offenders/residents accountable for the information presented in orientation. The department must provide orientation to newly-committed offenders/residents within the first 28 days of admission. The department provides a supplemental orientation within the first 28 days of admission to adult offenders transferred from another department facility and adult offenders readmitted to a facility as a release violator without a new felony conviction. Adult offenders readmitted to a facility within a one-year period are not required to receive orientation. Orientation activities must be conducted with all resident admissions regardless of admission type or length of time since last placement in a correctional facility. Within 24 hours of arrival at the facility, offenders/residents must receive written information regarding visiting, including at a minimum: 1. Facility address/phone number, directions to the facility and information about local transportation; 2. Days and hours of visitation; 3. Approved dress code and identification requirements for visitors; 4. Items authorized in visitation room; 5. Special rules for children; 6. Authorized items that visitors may bring to give to the offender/resident; and 7. Special visits.There are NO free phone calls. You will have to set up  a pre-paid account with the carrier at the prison. If you are long distance from the facility, the calls are $5-15 each. InmateAid has a Discount Service that will get you a local telephone number marked to the rate center of the prison. The cost of the calls will drop to about $1.65 each. You may contact us at Aid@inmateAID.com for further details.
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