Reviewed on: June 13,2016

What would you do if your lady walked out on you in visitation?

Need some advice. I went to visit my fiance yesterday it was behind glass visit. Hes been going through it for about a week now. His mom went to visit him last week and told him that she heard his friend willis died back in december but wasnt forsure. So he called me ask me to find out about him. So i did and yes its true he did die. So hes been real upset all week. He calls me everyday i can tell in his voice that hes not right but i dont say anything to him cause he has to deal with this on his own. He knows im here he knows im giving him his space. And when hes ready to talk to me im here. So at our visit he said something about his mom and i agreed w/him and he flipped out on me disrespecting me. I told him dont talk to me like that. I dont disrespect you so dont disrespect me. He looked at me and said why are you here? I was shocked then he said it again. Why are you here. I jus looked at him and said really i dont know fuck you.. I hung the phone grabbed my keys and id got up and walked out. I feel bad for walking out on him but then again im not gonna let him think its ok to treat me like shit. His mom texts me last night sayn that he called and he doesn't want me to visit aor write him anymore. 3yrs this month we been together and because i walked out on him. Its over. Jus like that. I dont know what i should do jus walk away without a fight. Or give him time to get himself together. I dont know what to do i dont know how hes feeling cause i never walked out on him before this is the very first time i no hes tripn off that forsure. What would you do if your lady walked out on u

Asked: June 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer
You have all the control because you "can" walk out. He can't. You showed him that you could and his natural reaction is to try and gain some measure of dignity back by having his mom message you with his show of control. Three years is a long time together, if you want to work things out, you will need to send some love letters which talk about the issue and take some blame and apologize. If you want someone to tell you it's okay to keep loving him, here it is. Just don't play games, he is in some serious doggy do and if you want to ride it out with him, you can't leave him like that ever again. He has to go back to his cell with that vision in his head. Apologize or move on.
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