Reviewed on: March 02,2020

My friend who is on parole in california got arrested yesterday. His charges are transporting controlled substance HS11379(a) and possession of stolen vehicle PC496D(a). How much time is he looking at?

Asked: February 13,2020
Ask the inmate answer

Parolees have been given a second chance. Violation of that second chance puts the offender in a very bad position. The judge that sentenced him will face him for this violation. The judge had to write on the Judgement and Commitment Order that parole was an option. Now, the judge will now take a hard-line for the next decision, since the inmate did not take the leniency seriously. We think he will do the remaining time on the old charge PLUS the new charges will tack on more.

Accepted Answer Date Created: February 14,2020

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