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Reviewed on: August 10,2016

MY SISTER IS lookin at poss of heroin less than a gram, second degree burglary, criminal mistief, poss meth paraphanalia and possible child endangerment all in Colorado, also her husband has same charges and was out on bail for other charge at the time of this arrest.. any rough ideas on minimum time they will get

Asked: August 10,2016
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This is hard to estimate without some idea of their criminal history and the exact language in the arrest document or indictment. On it's face, the child endangerment charge complicates the entire picture. The judge has a lot to consider when there are children involved. Both parents have problems and this judge will concentrate on the well-being of the child first. If this is an early episode in their criminal history they might give a diversion program in lieu of jail time. This looks more like a drug problem than a crime against society - hopefully they will catch a break and get some treatment with the goal of being reunited with the child.
Accepted Answer Date Created: August 11,2016

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