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Reviewed on: November 22,2016

My inmate-to-be was a corrections officer, will he be in isolation because of his child abuse charge ?

A relative of mine is likely going to jail in Utah for second degree felony child abuse. The child who was in his care is in the ICU with brain damage as a result of shaken baby syndrome. My brother used to be a corrections officer at one of the jails in Utah (held that job for about a year, and hasn't been in that job for over a year). We are expecting him to plead guilty and have jail time. What will his experience in jail be like? Will he be in isolation because of his charge, and his experience as a corrections officer? Do other inmates target those convicted of child abuse and will he be in danger in the facility as a result?

Asked: September 16,2016
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Here is how it works... it only takes one idiot to think what your relative did is something that merits an attack. If that occurs, your relative will ahve to stand up for himself - beat the shit out of the guy if necessary - that will be that. If things go the other way and he didn't defend himself well, the staff will isolate him or transfer him. If there is any notion that he is in imminet danger at anytime, they will place him in "adminstrative hold" which is voluntary solitary - for his safety.

Our experieince is that this type of drama is excalated in the minds of people on the outside. Guys on the inside want to go home. Most if not all are not interested in social justice for the sake of it. Child molestation or rape is another story.

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 17,2016

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