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Reviewed on: July 20,2016

My son went back to prison bcuz of a parole violation. He was finally able to see the parole board about how long he had left to do until he got released. He was told that he would be notified within 14 days. 6 weeks later, i ended up calling and spoke to a caseworker and she notified me when his due date was. Is this legal that no one let him know long he would be there. I had to tell him myself. Can he get a shorter sentence becuz of the fact no one notified him?

Asked: July 18,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The inmate's release date is really the responsibility of the inmate. We are pretty certain that if your inmate went to his counselor and asked what his release date was, they would tell him. Not telling him is the same as saying he didn't ask, either. This is typical of the some case managers in the system. They are state government employees that punch a time clock. They do not interact well with the public. Their only concerns are about inmate counts. How many inmates are we housing - how many new, how many released. There is not much personal interaction with outsiders. But there are no legal infractions by the staff in our estimation.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 19,2016

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