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Reviewed on: March 02,2018

Released in 2013 served 30 yrs in AZDOC on 10 cts of Arm.Robbery Now found guilty of 1 ct agg.assult. least & most time he faces? With his priors being so long ago how is it calculated? Thx

Asked: March 01,2018
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This is going to depend heavily on what the facts of this crime were that came out during the trial. How badly was the assaulted person hurt? Was there any property damage?  The judge will consider his criminal history which is a big negative in this case, meaning that his priors will surely send him back.  If the "damaging" facts are light, it could be a short sentence (3-5yrs); if it's a bad set of facts it could be a long time.

Accepted Answer Date Created: March 02,2018

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