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Reviewed on: October 11,2019

Son was sentenced to 6yrs, he hasn't even been in prison 6 months and has moved 7 times, 6 if those times in Tucson prison complex, every 3/3 and 3/4 yard. Now back on Manzanita CDU. Is CDU like the hole?

Asked: October 10,2019
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Yes, the CDU or Complex Detention Unit is essentially segregation housing. There are two types of this unit, one is for disciplinary and the other is administrative. Disciplinary segregation, referred to by prisoners as “the hole,” is applied as a short-term punishment for breaking prison rules. Most prison units have a CDU which is reserved for this purpose. By contrast, administrative segregation is based on administrative rationale. The Department of Corrections has almost total discretion over these administrative decisions, most importantly a prisoner’s security classification or “score.” Prisoners are assessed as to their threat to the public and to the institution and assigned a score of 1-5, 1 being minimum security and 5 maximum.

Accepted Answer Date Created: October 11,2019

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