Reviewed on: September 14,2016

Two brothers was sentenced to 50 to life after having a brother passing away a few months before, for supposedly shooting at a person and he say she say they didn't have any real evidence or proof but statements from others and one guy that was suppose to be their friend that got locked up before the two brothers got out by blaming the two brothers, a Detective said there was a body found from this but never was mentioned in court. But the two brothers was charged with attempted murder and gang enhancement, and other stuff I believe but is it OK or fair or possible that all the time they received is right and can they time be reduced?? Please inform me

Asked: September 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer
It would appear the next step would be to explore all your appellate options. If there were issues at trial that could be challenged on appeal due to judicial error, then there is a chance the case could be retried. If you want to challenge the length of the sentence, use a post-conviction attorney. This lawyer is going to have to find very similar cases where the "disparity in sentencing" would causes the court to force the judge rethink the sentence. Judges rarely if ever give in to a reduction; it makes them look unjudge-like not getting it right the first time.
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