Reviewed on: August 23,2016

my bf has 3 charges, criminal mischief, tampering with evidence (felony since it's his 3rd one) and theft. They gave him 8 months for the state jail (theft) and 4 years for TDC (tampering). His terms are running concurrent, and right now he's in county for a month-45 days i suppose for the criminal mischief, but after he leaves county he'll have a total of 8 months back time. They told me he would do tdc first and then state jail. What do you think he'll end up doing? He has no tattoos, hes not gang related and has no aggravated charges, not even in his past. He comes from a good family, just made bad choices being the black sheep of the family

Asked: July 23,2016
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All of the time he is doing will beneficially count towards that end total of four years. What is the difference between "state and TDC"? If we are reading this correctly, he has a total of 48 months, at 85% he will do almost 41 months and then be released.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 24,2016

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