Reviewed on: May 05,2016

How much time could he get for first degree attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon resulting in serious injury?

TWO counts of 1st degree ATTEMPTED murder, TWO counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. In North Carolina, he is a felon, bond is $1.5 million now, the judge raised it when we went to a bond reduction from $1.25m. Previous charges over 6+ years ago drug related. Was released off probation a couple of months before incident. He has been in County for 1 year 6months 2 days waiting to be released or a plea deal or sentencing, something...How much time could he get?

Asked: February 04,2016
Ask the inmate answer
This is a serious charge that carries a heavy penalty. Since he has a criminal history and was already incarcerated it is our opinion that the least he will get is 30 years and it's likely he could get life.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 05,2016

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