Reviewed on: February 05,2016

What would the sentence be for attempted murder with a deadly weapon?

What kind of time is a man looking at that is accused of TWO counts of first degree ATTEMPTED murder and TWO counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, (he is a felon) in North Carolina? Previous charges was drug related, no violence.

Asked: February 04,2016
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The sentencing phase is based on a point system set up by the legislature that writes the laws. The higher the points, the longer the sentence. The judge has discretion to determine the sentence, there are a few factors with which to base their determination: criminal conduct history; was the offender the main actor in the crime; were there victims that were injured or killed; were there aggravating circumstances when an offender was particularly cruel to a victim - the use of a weapon; were there monetary damages or losses. If we are to simply take what you've asked in the two sentences of information you've provided we could only take an educated guess at a sentence. Previous criminal history, attempted murder with a weapon and inflicting injury could carry a sentence of no less than 20 years and probably more.
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