Reviewed on: February 18,2016

What length sentence can my friend expect for a probation violation?

I have a friend who was sentenced to 5 years for a voyeurism charge. He served 6 months and was released. While he was out he attempted to use a cell number to contact a parent of a girl tied to the voyeurism; however the judge didn't say he could not contact them only the girl. His message was sent via text to the number and was told the number was the girls cell. Judge threw in jail for probation violation and to serve the 5 years. Can he earn off time if the judge sentence is day for day?

Asked: March 16,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Most sentences imposed for violations are the original sentence handed down, and are required to serve at least 85% of their sentence. The good time credits are given at the beginning of the sentence and may only be taken away for infractions that occur during the time inside.
Accepted Answer Date Created: March 17,2015

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