Reviewed on: July 17,2018

What's the consequences for an inmate getting into a fight at Leath County Correctional Facility???

Asked: July 16,2018
Ask the inmate answer

After the fight, the participants are taken to the SHU (the hole). They get a hearing from the Disciplinary Hearing Officer (DHO). The DHO is lawyer, judge and jury. The inmate may call one character witness (in my case i used the CO who ran my work detail). The decision is instant and the penalty is immediately enforced. Fighting, depending on the severity of injuries, if any, or property damaged will weigh into the penalty phase. They could lose visitation, phone time, commissary privileges and will get a length of time in the hole. If the fight was really bad, the aggressor could lose good time credits and their custody level which would cause them to be transferred to a higher security prison.

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