Reviewed on: October 29,2017

What are conditions like in a female prison? What are the major problems in your opinion?

Asked: October 25, 2017
Ask the inmate answer

The "prison" conditions are the same for men and women. The problem is not the prison, it's the inmates that are there are there at the same time as your loved one. Sometimes, they run smoothly and others not so much. The main problem is boredom and how each inmate deals with it. If your inmate is able to compartmentalize their feelings and thoughts, their time will go smoothly. Never put themselves in a position where they can be isolated by another group (for intimidation or shake downs). Advise her to stay with the general population but not too close to any one group or person. 

I am a male so I cannot pretend to know what it's like for a female inmate, I'm sure there is the fear of a bad apple in the corrections division would terrorize or sexually harass a female inmate. That is why I'd advise your inmate to stay in the area where there are a lot of people. If not, remain in her cell. She will have to use her instincts and common sense to get through the time, inmates in general are predators and she will have to use her insight to find them early on. I've watched Orange is the New Black and I feel that it is very exaggerated to the extremes like any TV show is. I would not take that show as a model for what it is really like.

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