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Reviewed on: December 25,2016

What is inmate aid about an does everyone use this site

Asked: December 20,2016
Ask the inmate answer

InmateAid was created to help folks like you figure out the prison/jail thing. Most of us have no clue about how it all works until you or someone you love gets locked up. If it's a short time, most people get out without worrying too much. But if it's going to be weeks or months or years, InmateAid will navigate you through the tough times.

YES, we have over a million visitors a month people seem to really LOVE InmateAid.  We send tens of thousands of letters and postcards to inmates avery week and thousands and thousands of phone lines are used every month to help families save real money on their inmate calls. InmateAid will keep you connected to your inmate and organized in your communications with them.

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