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Reviewed on: February 22,2016

what is work release at lake county jail Illinois like

So im about two go to 2 months work release at lake county jail, in illinois. can u please tell me what the day to day and rules are. also what do i need to bring clothing and toletries wise, and from jail to school and work it will be 45 min one way will this be a problem or will they understand and where can i park over night that i wont be seen driving but my car wont get towed

Asked: February 22,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The only items that are permitted in the facility are: Car keys Locker keys Change of socks and underwear Two (2) shirts and two (2) pair of pants for change of clothing for work Female attire for female work release two (2) pair No more then $20.00 at any time Wedding Ring Prescription medication must be approved by the medical staff School books and training material must be approved by the supervisor Work release inmates are not permitted to deviate from place of employment. You are permitted to go to work and return back to the facility only. The facility will be checking your place of employment on a regular basis. If you are found not to be at your place of employment you will be immediately removed from the work release program and face disciplinary action. Work release not permitted to consume any alcoholic beverages or drugs during their time of incarceration. You will also be subject to random alcohol and drug testing. Parking will be provided. They want you to success, just don't do something silly that you know will change our status.
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