Reviewed on: July 21,2016

When my husband is in jail on a parole hold because of a new charge of domestic violence but the new charge was brought on a warrent without cause my question is how can I help him and his situation?

Asked: July 18,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Violations are tricky. It depends on the attitude of the officer that violated him. If he asks for a lengthy sentence as a penalty, it's going to be tough convincing the judge of doing anything but the recommendation. And, since this is usually the judge that sentenced him originally, there will be little patience for excuses that would point to leniency the second time. If you are the victim in this domestic violence charge, you need to take a hard look at where you want to be in the future. If it is, these things never get better. Each new episode tends to be worse than the last. If you are a victim, we encourage you to seek your own shelter and make plans to keep yourself out of harms way. If you are not the victim, one thing you might try is to contact the PO yourself to see if they might be amenable to your suggestions. You must be humble, merely seeking information in a respectful manner. If this conversation goes well, you will have a good idea of what your husband may be facing.
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