Reviewed on: April 14,2016

Will the mail get to my inmate if it's addressed to the minimum and he's next door in the maximum?

Hi I was wondering I had sent a letter to my inmate through inmateaid and his name came up and the state prison he is in but when I sent it the àddress is for the minimum security he is in the maximum but they r next door to each other they just have different P.O boxes will he recieve his letter ??

Asked: April 12, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
All of the mail arriving to the MCI -Shirley mail intake is handled by a very competent staff. They go through and inspect the mail, then create three destination piles before delivering it into the units. If your inmate ID is correct, the staff will make sure that the inmate and the unit match as there is always movement between the different security levels based on conduct, status changes and length of sentence.
Accepted Answer Date Created: April 13,2016

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