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NEW JERSEY - Partnership for Religion & Education in Prison-PREP

Margaret Quern Atkins
PREP Coordinator
Drew Theological School


Population Served: Incarcerated students from Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women (Clinton); Northern State Prison for Men (Newark) and theological students from Drew

Program Description: PREP is a theological educational program that creates opportunities for a joint theological learning environment between theological students and students within State correctional facilities. Based in several models of prison educational programming across the country, PREP forges new partnerships between places of theological learning, organizations with educational programs in the prisons, and correctional institutions. PREP uses contextual education and tenets of practical theology as it offers Drew’s theological students, faculty, and practicing ministers a chance to connect with the outside world through meaningful pedagogical methods. Through combined classrooms, a diverse student body can interact and engage with one another in meaningful academic discourse.

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