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OHIO - Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program (Cincinnati)

Peg Hubbard
Department of Criminal Justice

Christine Shimrock
Facilitator, Inside-Out Class

Population Served: Incarcerated men and Xavier students; The men at Lebanon Correctional Institution (LeCI) go through the same screening process as Xavier students. They fill out a similar application and are interviewed by the same panel. The intention of the instructors is to choose a mix of students (race, socioeconomic, opinions, criminal history, education, etc.) to ensure class discussion is enriched by varying viewpoints.

Program Description: The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is a semester-long overview of current social justice topics, taught inside a local prison. Curriculum includes exploration of why people commit crime; what prisons are for; analysis of the Criminal Justice system; punishment and rehabilitation; victims and victimization; restorative justice; myths and realities of prison life.

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