Chippewa County MI Correctional Facility

County Jail

Last Updated: August 15, 2023
325 Court St, Sault Saint Marie, MI 49783

Chippewa Co Jail is for County Jail offenders sentenced up to twenty four months.

All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for County - medium facility.

The phone carrier is Securus Tech®, to see their rates and best-calling plans for your inmate to call you.

If you are unsure of your inmate's location, you can search and locate your inmate by typing in their last name, first name or first initial, and/or the offender ID number to get their accurate information immediately Registered Offenders

Satellite View of Chippewa County MI Correctional Facility

Chippewa County MI Correctional Facility basic information to help guide you through what you can do for your inmate while they are incarcerated. The facility's direct contact number: 906-635-7620

The Chippewa Co Jail is a low-security detention center located at 325 Court St Sault Saint Marie, MI which is operated locally by the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office and holds inmates awaiting trial or sentencing or both. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years. Chippewa County accepts inmates from surrounding towns, Sault Saint Marie Police Department, and the US Marshal's Service.

The Chippewa County Correctional Facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Staff personnel includes the Jail Administrator, Assistant Jail Administrator, two Corporals, 13 full-time Correction's Officers, 12 part-time Corrections Officers, 2 Community Service Supervisors, 3 Cooks, and a facility Physician.

Booking - Offenders lodged at the correctional facility are processed through the Booking Office. Questions concerning bail and court appearance for arraignment can be answered by the booking officer. Bonds posted must be in cash or through a bail bondsman. Checks and foreign currency will not be accepted.

Telephone Calls - The correctional facility does not accept personal calls for inmates. Inmates may make personal calls from their cell phones. Calls must be made collect, or with a telephone card sold by the facility.

Inmate phone service through Securus. FIfteen-minute calls are $18.72. With an InmateAid number, we can get the same 15-minute call for $3.15 (save $15.57 per call) Click here to check it out.

Meals - Inmates are provided 3 meals per day. Inmates may also purchase snack items through the commissary.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling
Bible Study
Native American Culture Studies
Inmate Worker Program
Work-Pass Program
Electronic Tether Program
Community Service Program (Organizations wishing to request community service workers should contact the Community Service Supervisor at 906-635-6883.)

Personal Items - The only personal items an inmate may have while in custody are cash (which will be deposited into his/her account), prescription eyeglasses, and medical prescriptions (which will be given to the facility physician for approval to be dispensed). Additional personal hygiene items may also be purchased through the commissary.

Clothing - Inmates are issued facility clothing during their stay at the correctional facility. Some additional clothing items are also available to the inmate through the commissary. Suitable street attire may be provided for the jury trial.

Inmate Locator

Chippewa County MI Correctional Facility publishes the names of the inmates currently in their facility in Michigan. Your search should start with this locator first to see if your loved one is there.

The second box is the InmateAid Inmate Search. This database of inmates is user-generated content to access and utilize any or all of the InmateAid services. If you need our assistance creating your inmate profile to keep in touch, email us at and we will assist you in locating your inmate.

As a last resort, you might have to pay for that information if we do not have it. The Arrest Record Search will cost you a small amount, but their data is the freshest available and for that reason, they charge to access it.

Visitation Information

Chippewa County Correctional Facility - Visitation

Visitation Schedule

  • 0900-1000 (Males level 2)
  • 1000-1100 (Males level 1)
  • 1100-1200 (Females level 2)
  • 1300-1400 (Females level 1)
  • 1400-1500 (Females level 6,7,8 & 9)
  • 1500-1650 (Males level 6,7,8,& 9)


  • 0900-1100 (Female level 3, 4 & 5 / last name beginning with A-L
  • 1100-1200 (Youthful Offender Females)
  • 1300-1600 (Males level 3, 4 & 5 / last name beginning with A-L


  • 0900-1100 (Females level 3, 4 & 5 / last name beginning with M-Z)
  • 1100-1200 (Youthful Offender Males)
  • 1300-1600 (Male level 3,4, & 5/ last name beginning with M-Z)

Visitation Requirements

  • All visitors are required to sign in. Visitors must be at least 17 years of age and present a valid form of identification.
  • All visits are non-contact. Inmate/detainees are allowed three (3) visitors weekly. Visits will not exceed twenty (20) minutes duration and be limited to (1) one visitor per visit unless otherwise approved by security staff.
  • Visitors will be denied access to visitation if the visitor has the aroma of alcohol, displays behavior that may suggest the visitor is under the influence of a controlled substance, uses abusive language, is assaultive, and/or exhibits any type of behavior that could adversely affect the safety and security of the facility.
  • Cameras, cell phones, video and audio recorders are restricted items. All cell phones will be secured by the visitor and out of site.
  • Personal property will not be accepted with the exception of American currency, money orders, and/or necessary medical items (e.g. glasses, prescribed medications, etc.).
  • Food and/or drink items are not permitted.
  • Revealing and/or provocative clothing is not permitted.
  • Any visitor observed violating any of the above requirements will have their visit immediately terminated. Visitors may also have future visitation requests terminated if CCCF administration deems necessary.

If necessary, the Chippewa County Correctional Facility may cancel a weekly visitation schedule and/or terminate any individual visit to maintain facility security.

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