Cook County Jail (CCDOC) - Division 17 - Women's Justice Services

The Cook County Jail (CCDOC) - Division 17 - Women's Justice Services located in Chicago, IL and is classified as a maximum security jail within the Illinois Department of Corrections system. The security for this Chicago-based facility is classified as maximum security complete with guard tower structures. The building is solid concrete with limited access to fresh air, with heavy guard-to-inmate ratios. There are adjacent cage-like structures that inmates may use to get some limited exercise (basketball hoop and dip bars) for an hour every other day. Most of the time spent is in their pod or 2-man cells. Movements are strictly supervised. There is a library, a commissary, a gym, a barber shop and a chapel. The inmates are all awaiting sentencing, trial or transfer; there are no long term inmates. The units are comprised of single cells and divided into cell blocks with sliding cell doors that are remotely operated from a secure control station. Each cell is equipped with its own combination plumbing fixture, which includes a sink and toilet. Maximum security units are designed meant to confine the most dangerous inmates who are the most dangerous threat to public safety, correctional staff, and other inmates. During the other hour they may be allowed to shower and exercise in the cell block or an exterior cage. All inmate movement is strictly controlled with the use of handcuffs and shackles and correctional officer escort. The perimeter barrier is designed with a double fence with armed watch towers or armed roving patrols. Inmate movement is restricted and supervised by correctional staff. Inmates are allowed out of their cells to work or attend corrective programs inside the facility This jail used by the jurisdictions of this county to confine inmates for short periods while awaiting trial or processing. As inmates are staying for usually less than one year, therefore it has fewer amenities than a jail or prison. Inmates do, however, have access to limited recreation, a library, the telephone, as well as bathroom facilities and with three square meals per day. Use the inmate search feature to find an inmate here. This jails is operated by the county government's sheriff.  Many inmate detainees are delivered daily. A considerable number of people arriving at a jail are actively or recently drunk or high, arrive with injuries from fights/assaults that led to their arrest, and/or are mentally ill with no other place for law enforcement to deliver them. Some may stay less than one day or only for a few days, until they are released in a court proceeding after putting up bail. These offenders are released to a pretrial services caseload, and are placed under supervision by the probation office, or released on their own recognizance - a tacit agreement to make every court appearance.  Like most county jails this is designed in "pods" with a large common area where the tables are affixed to the floor along with attached seats. There are individual cells usually on two levels. There are times where the inmates must remain in their cells, and other times where the inmates all congregate in the pod playing cards, games, reading or watching television. The inmates do not leave the pod unless they are escorted by unarmed correctional officers (COs) - whether it is a trip to the commissary, the library or the recreation area, there is constant supervision. The county jail is considered a less stressful environment than prison.

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