Linn County IA Correctional Center

County Jail

Last Updated: April 23, 2022
53 3rd Ave Bridge PO Box 608, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

Linn County IA Correctional Center is for County Jail offenders sentenced up to twenty four months.

All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for County - medium facility.

The phone carrier is NCIC Inmate Telephone Services, to see their rates and best-calling plans for your inmate to call you.

If you are unsure of your inmate's location, you can search and locate your inmate by typing in their last name, first name or first initial, and/or the offender ID number to get their accurate information immediately Registered Offenders

Satellite View of Linn County IA Correctional Center

Linn County IA Correctional Center basic information to help guide you through what you can do for your inmate while they are incarcerated. The facility's direct contact number: 319-892-6300

The Linn County IA Correctional Center is a low-security detention center located at 53 3rd Ave Bridge
PO Box 608 Cedar Rapids, IA which is operated locally by the Linn County Sheriff's Office and holds inmates awaiting trial or sentencing or both. Most of the sentenced inmates are here for less than two years. Linn County accepts inmates from surrounding towns, Cedar Rapids Police Department, and the US Marshal's Service.

The Linn County Correctional Center is a 401-bed facility and is the only jail in Linn County. The Correctional Center houses inmates awaiting trial and serving time for state, county, and municipal offenses. Additionally, the Correctional Center houses overflow inmates for other jurisdictions and federal prisoners awaiting trial.
Inmates serving time and other jurisdictions housing inmates in the Linn County Correctional Center pay Linn County $60 per day, per inmate. The Federal government pays Linn County $64.70 per day, per inmate. FY17, staff booked 10,208 inmates into the Correctional Center with an average daily inmate population of 348 inmates.
The Correctional Center Division is also responsible for prisoner transportation functions and courthouse security (in both the main courthouse and the Juvenile Justice Center).
Can I bring clothing in for an inmate?
Only if an inmate is garnished due to court fines, etc., will someone be allowed to bring in the following:
-Three (3) pairs of WHITE socks - unopened package.
-Three (3) pairs of WHITE underwear (must be briefs) - unopened package.
-Three (3) WHITE T-shirts (cannot be armless) - unopened package
The clothing can be brought to the lobby window at the Linn County Correctional Center.
Can I bring money in to the inmates so they can purchase commissary items?
People wanting to place money in an inmate's account may do so by bringing cash to the lobby window at the Linn County Correctional Center or by sending a money order to the Correctional Center (P.O. Box 608, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0608). Inmates are not allowed to have more than $100.00 in their account.
How do I have my phone number blocked so I don't receive phone calls from inmates at the Linn County Correctional Center?
The person requesting the block must bring the following:
-A copy of their phone bill corresponding to the number being blocked.
-Photo identification to show they are the person responsible for the bill.
-Bring these items to the lobby window at the Linn County Correctional Center and advise the Duty Officer you wish to have your number blocked in our system.
Why will the Correctional Center phone system not allow an inmate to call my phone number?
There are several reasons why a phone number may be blocked:
-The number may be blocked at the request of the account owner of the phone number. If this is the case, they must request the block be removed by bringing a copy of their phone bill and a photo identification card to the Linn County Correctional Center.
-The number may be blocked for collect calls due to an unpaid bill. This issue must be resolved by contacting your phone provider who is responsible for placing the block in the first place.
-The owner of the phone account may have requested collect calls not be allowed at their phone.
Removal of the block must be done at the request of the account owner through their phone provider.
How can one pay for Room and Board?
An individual may pay the full sum due, or set up a realistic monthly payment plan with the Financial Division.
If an inmate has a death in the family or other family emergency, how do they go about getting released from the Linn County Correctional Center?
The Sheriff's Office will not obtain releases for inmates. Those inmates who feel they should be released for an emergency need to contact their attorney, who can then petition the Court for a release.
If I owe fines, room and board money, or have a question about a garnishment, who do I contact to make a payment or payment arrangements?
Contact the Financial Division at the Linn County Sheriff's Office at (319) 892-6232.
Why charge for room and board?
It offsets the cost of operation as well as it reduces the burden imposed on Linn County taxpayers.
What is a Room and Board fee?
Upon conviction of a crime, anyone sentenced to serve time in the Linn County Correctional Center as part of the sentence becomes obligated to pay $60.00 per day for time they are required to serve.

Inmate Locator

Linn County IA Correctional Center publishes the names of the inmates currently in their facility in Iowa. Your search should start with this locator first to see if your loved one is there.

The second box is the InmateAid Inmate Search. This database of inmates is user-generated content to access and utilize any or all of the InmateAid services. If you need our assistance creating your inmate profile to keep in touch, email us at and we will assist you in locating your inmate.

As a last resort, you might have to pay for that information if we do not have it. The Arrest Record Search will cost you a small amount, but their data is the freshest available and for that reason, they charge to access it.

Visitation Information

Inmates in the General Population can have visitors from 9-11 am, 1-3 pm and 6-9 pm daily (including weekends and holidays).
Inmates in Special Status can have visitors from 8-9 am daily (including weekends and holidays).

Inmates are allowed (2) half hour visits per week (Sunday-Saturday).

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