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Last Updated: February 02, 2021
4 Jester Rd, Richmond, TX 77406
Fort Bend

Beauford H. Jester IV Unit is for State Prison offenders sentenced anywhere from one year to life by the State Court in the county where the charges were filed

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Satellite View of TDCJ - Beauford H. Jester IV Unit - Psychiatric Facility (J4)

TDCJ - Beauford H. Jester IV Unit - Psychiatric Facility (J4) basic information to help guide you through what you can do for your inmate while they are incarcerated. The facility's direct contact number: 281-277-3700

Located at 4 Jester Rd in Richmond, TX, Beauford H. Jester IV Unit carefully assigns inmates based on their custody level, considering factors like criminal history. Beauford H. Jester IV Unit offers diverse educational and vocational programs aimed at equipping offenders for successful reintegration into society and reducing recidivism. Through these initiatives, inmates gain skills and confidence, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Beauford H. Jester IV Unit is a state prison located in Richmond TX co-located on 933 acres of land in the middle of a cornfield with two other Texas Department of Corrections (TDCJ) units Jester I and Jester III. The unit was established in 1993. The facility has wide hallways and has skylights and floor to ceiling windows. The cement walls have murals made by prisoners that depict wildlife.

Jester IV is classified as a Psychiatric Facility and houses about 550 male inmates at a mental health custody level. They are among the most mentally ill and violent prisoners in the TDCJ. While male death row prisoners are normally housed in the Polunsky Unit near Livingston, TX, eight are instead housed in Jester IV.

While some of the offenders at Jester IV are housed for long periods, most of the offenders are housed for short periods of time while their behavior and mental health are stabilized, at which point they return to their original unit.

Support groups, religious worship services and activities are provided to offenders who wish to participate. Medical, dental, and psychiatric services are provided to all offenders.

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Custody Levels Housed: Mental Health Approximate Acreage: 933 (Co-located with Jester I, Jester III, and Vance) Agricultural Operations: None Manufacturing and Logistics Op.: None Facility Operations: Unit Maintenance Additional Operations: None Medical Capabilities: Ambulatory medical, dental, and in-patient mental health services. Medical care available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Digital Medical Services (DMS), electronic specialty clinics, chronic care clinic, and CPAP accommodating housing available. There are 550 in-patient mental health beds available. All services on a single level. Managed by UTMB. Educational Programs: Special Education Alvin Community College Vocational: Food Service Preparation Additional Programs/Services: Adult Education Program (upon availability), Chaplaincy Services, GO KIDS Initiative Community Work Projects: None Volunteer Initiatives: Life Skills, Religious/Faith Based Studies and Activities

Inmate Locator

TDCJ - Beauford H. Jester IV Unit - Psychiatric Facility (J4) is part of the Texas Department of Corrections. The DOC maintains a database of current inmates and their locations within the system. To locate an inmate, begin by using the DOC locator tool, which requires entering the first three letters of the inmate's first and last name, allowing for variations in spelling.

Alternatively, the InmateAid Inmate Search provides access to a user-generated database of inmates. Users can utilize various InmateAid services, including assistance in creating inmate profiles for communication purposes. For support in locating an inmate or setting up a profile, individuals can email

If unable to locate the desired information through free resources, users may opt to use the Arrest Record Search, which requires payment. While this option incurs a small fee, it provides access to the most up-to-date data available.

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Visitation Information

Beauford H. Jester IV Unit - Visitation

Saturdays and Sundays - 8 am to 5 pm

Visits are two hours in duration and limited to one visit per weekend. The type of visit will depend on the inmate's internal status, which will determine if they are eligible for contact or non-contact visits. All visitors are encouraged to contact the facility before they visit to ensure visitation has not been canceled and that their inmate is still currently located at the unit.

Any visitor who is traveling over 300 miles to attend visitation may qualify for a special visit. Special visits allow for a longer visiting session to occur. Contact the warden's office for more information and to request a special visit.

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