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  • I am SUCH a fan of this site! :-)

    Renee M.
  • Your customer service was amazing and I wanted to let you know that you people are appreciated and on that day, the customer service representative from the Florida Office made my difficult day actually turn from sad to even a few giggles as he did EVERYTHING to get my account and my questions explained! You are all so appreciated and I am so thankful for all that you do!

    Molly M.
  • thank you so so so much! you have been so helpful! God bless you!

    Kim V.
  • Thank you so much for assisting me in this unique matter. You clearly went beyond what was required of you and is truly appreciated.

    Jilton L.
  • My renewal is fastly approaching,I am so pleased with your service.My question is will you automatically deduct from my acct. On file or Will i have to contact you!

    Yolanda B.
  • No Question... Just another note to say that my fiance and I are grateful for your service! Blessings to you!

    Renee M.
  • i just got your email explaining everything to me, so i understand it now. Thanks I will definitely give a good word about you guys!!

    Charity S.
  • I hope you remember me and remember all of the problems my daughter, we were having with Securus Tech. I have been meaning to let you know the outcome. I was able to go to Tucson for a visit. While we were there, we talked to an inmate and his wife and they gave us advice on how they avoid issues. We now put money on his account to buy a prepaid phone card. He calls the local Tucson numbers we have through you. This way, we bypass Securus Tech and all of the problems and add-on fee for depositing money. The calls cost the same (only $1.84 per call). We have closed the accounts with Securus Tech and they did give us refunds. Since he has been using the prepaid phone cards, we have not had one problem. Thanks for all of your help. It is appreciated!

    Jan O.
  • Thank you very much for your help. He is in a State System. I am very happy that I found your site. Thank you for every thing that you do for our Inmates and our families.

    DJ S.