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InmateAid receives letters and emails from members all the time. We post actual, unedited words from real people that have used InmateAid. We are sharing them on the site because we are proud of what people are saying. Share your thoughts, too.

  • You actually answer emails fast and no nonsense! I love that.

    Nicholas V.
  • U r the best ive ask a lot of questions and inmateaid answered everyone of them as good as they could for i was at a total lost from the start .thank you great job

    Linda Z.
  • You've been very helpful to our family during a very difficult time. Thank you for offering this service.

    Katherine W.
  • Love the website it is very informative and makes it easy to keep in touch with loved ones..

    Yasmine V.
  • I was really unsure of using this website, this is my first time dealing with someone being incarcerated, and I am so thankful for this. Sending letters through here is so easy and simple. And overall very helpful, they've emailed me like they said they would. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

    Angelica Q.
  • i just very simply want to thank you an those who created this site to help...cause until your loved one is home you worry this was amazing to use today so worried about my love thank you

    Jamie P.
  • This was the first for me when my daughter was incarcerated. I was very grateful to find InmateAid to help give my daughter what is needed. They also have gone beyond the call of duty when I needed assistance in transferring money into her account especially when the jail is not updated with the new system. Thank you so much InmateAid for your help. Lei L

    Jilton L.
  • I have greatly benefited from the information from your site and am greatly appreciative. Thank you.

    Kendra S.
  • Inmate aid is the first people ive found that are for real! They have been so helpful to myself and my husband! They helped him get into RDAP they saved me a total of 5500$ so far. And they are real people that are there for people like me! Thank you inmate aid!

    Kim V.