Reviewed on: April 06,2017

Can a bond be set before the warrant is served?

Inmate is being held at the pierce county jail on charges unrelated to Bonney lake. But he has told me he has a $3,000 warrant out of Bonney lake. He is asking me to post his bail for that warrant so he can take a plea bargain to go to drug court on his current charges. I told him I did not think it was possible to post bail for a warrant he is not currently being charged for and that he has to physically be in the jail under the Bonney lake charges before a bail could be posted. I am curious if I am correct or if I can post the bail for the warrant with out him even being charged for the crime yet?

Asked: April 06,2017
Ask the inmate answer

Using only the information you've given us, our opinion (and we are NOT lawyers) is that the bond is set at arraignment not during the warrant phase. Our instincts tell us that they owe money to the courts for child support or some fine that has triggered the warrant. You can call the Clerk of the Court and find out how the warrant was written. Your answers are in that document.

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 07,2017

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