Reviewed on: October 10,2018

Can you go on dating sites in jail?

Can you go on dating sites in jail or email people and that kinda thing?  also what is the usually the sentence for first-time robbery but on probation for Assult does u probation for other offenses get revoked and then what happens

Asked: October 06,2018
Ask the inmate answer

Only inmates that have a smartphone that was illegally smuggled to them. This is a very common occurrence, believe it or not, but it is very dangerous to have. When I first got to federal prison, the cell phones would light up like Christmas when the lights were turned off. Dozens had them and would definitely post stuff on Facebook or go onto dating sites. It's crazy to do because they ALL get caught eventually. I only know of ONE inmate that did his entire bid and never got caught. When they catch you, they ship you off to a much higher security prison and take away privileges and good time credits.

As far as the first-time armed robbery while on probation, they are looking at probably fifteen to twenty years.

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