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Reviewed on: November 05,2017

Can you help me with the procedures on getting him into the work release program?

My friend is currently located at Calcasieu parish prison, i am trying to get him into a work release program. I keep coming to dead ends when i try. Can you help me with the procedures on getting him into the program . He just got his release date . It does not necessarily have to be a halfway house, but maybe a program where he goes to work then back to jail? Is there any information that may help me , help him .

Asked: May 16,2016
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Calcasieu Parish Prison - Work Release program provides a structured transition period for offenders returning to the community with the intent of better preparing them for a successful, crime-free life. Selection criteria include current and prior criminal behavior, institutional adjustment, and alcohol and chemical dependency history. The program contracts with public and private agencies for residential work release services. Programs provide structured living and close supervision and surveillance. You will not be able to effectuate their acceptance into this program. Outside influence has no bearing on the decision making inside the facility. It is available but the staff will decide what programs, if any, your inmate will be considered for. We recommend contacting the counselor and ask them if your inmate qualifies for work release. Ask them if your inmate has the proper temperament for the program. You questions will "awaken" the staff that someone on the outside is interested/concerned and this usually sparks the human nature in them and they will usually look into it.

Accepted Answer Date Created: May 17,2016

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