Reviewed on: April 17,2016

Can you look up an inmate to see if they have received a parole hearing?

Hello, back in December 2015 I inquired about information about my fiancee' on this site pertaining to his release from Dodge State Prison in Chester Georgia. I was told to send y'all his name and facility to look up his parole status. I'm sending his name now Antonio White (832443) at Dodge State Prison in Chester Georgia. Please let me know what you are able to find out about his Parole status which the process started on the 29th of January 2016. Thank you Ms. Thi'ShiLyn Burke.

Asked: February 22,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Antonio White (832443) at Dodge State Prison is currently serving a Life sentence. We do not see any active parole hearing scheduled for this inmate. The database states: Tentative Parole Month - Life Some life sentenced inmates become eligible for consideration after fourteen years, (committed offense prior to July 1, 2006), others after thirty years (committed offense after July 1, 2006), and a select few are eligible after seven years (committed offense prior to 1995 or the life sentence was for sale of drugs). Under Georgia law, some life sentenced inmates are not eligible for any parole. For Parole Consideration and Eligibility questions call 404-656-4661
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