Reviewed on: July 19,2017

What other early release programs are available other that RDAP for federal inmates

Hello my fiance is recently transfer to a CAMP due to his points were too low to keep in at the facility were he was which was a low. He completed the RDAP program December 2015. I read somewhere ,,, and I can find it now,,,that for every month he is at the CAMP he will get 10 good days? Have you heard of this? Is their an advantage for a early release at the camp? Thank you.

Asked: August 21,2016
Ask the inmate answer

Getting to the camp is what all federal inmates strive for - it's the easiest time to do in the BOP. All federal inmates follow the same guidelines for release. Good time is 15% of the sentence that is granted to the inmate when they report - all they can do is lose good time, they can't gain more good time. Their release date reflects doing 85% of the sentence. RDAP is the only real way to get an earlier release than the whole 85%. Inmates that graduate from RDAP earn up to twelve months off their sentence plus at least six months of halfway house.

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