Reviewed on: August 15,2019

first time probation violation, PO wants restitution paid, will that work?

My girlfriend got picked up on felony probation violation and the probation officer came to jail and told her she is recommending restitution for her first time violating how long it's that for usually and her fines are 6000 dollars how does this all work

Asked: April 15,2019
Ask the inmate answer

Restitution means paying back the money that was "lost during the commission of the crime". If the restitution is $6,000, it sounds like she is getting a VERY good deal to avoid doing more time. Her PO seems like a reasonable, decent person. Most POs show zero tolerance for violators. We strongly recommend taking this offer and doing whatever she can to paying the fee and then keep her nose clean.

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 16,2019

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