Reviewed on: August 20,2016

M husband has been incarcerated on a parole violation for about a year now. There is a hold on him from a charge he picked up from the last time he was in prison. He was paroled with this charge he picked up and one he got locked up for originally ran concurrent. Then he violated but the charge he picked up is showing as a hold on him and no one iv talked to can tell me which department has this hold on him. Iv called the court and talked to the DA, iv talked to the parole officer but I can't talk to the councilor in the prison she won't give me info. He is scheduled to be released in 8 months and I really want to clear up the hold on him, how can I do it?

Asked: August 19,2016
Ask the inmate answer
He needs to wake up and go see the counselor himself. If there is a hold, he HAS to be informed. We would be surprised if he didn't know already (and maybe doesn't want to tell you). The way it works is when you are so close to the door (8 months is short time), your counselor is meeting with you at least twice a month. They are gathering information to position the release, approve the next residence, etc. If there is a hold, the counselor is not wasting time with release, they are getting paperwork for the agency with the hold to transfer him to their jurisdiction. One hold that might change everything is if this is an Immigration hold. This might signal that there is a deportation order. Ask your inmate, they know more than they've told you.
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