Reviewed on: September 27,2016

Hello I have a question my brother is in county jail for probation violation and dwi 3rd or more. He has no bond and is already in jail for 32 days. How long after being arrested, does an inmate have to wait before he/she sees the judge? How can I find out if he has been sentenced yet? Is there anyway of you finding out what the current status is? I'm in Germany and have no way to find out from here.

Asked: September 23,2016
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The probation violation is the problem. More than likely, they are in no hurry to bring your brother before the judge. No bail means they think he will be remanded after the hearing and is likely to serve all or part of the original sentence he got probation on. We have written quite a bit about the perils of violating probation. The legal system has no patience or sympathy for the flaunting of the leniency he was provided. To find out about sentencing, you should contact the Clerk of the Court where he is being held. This is where the law firms go to get their information, too.
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