Reviewed on: April 21,2016

Parole violator that left the state and caught new charges, will they ship him back to New Jersey or will he do his time there?

Greetings my daughter's father got release from prison after doing 8 years in New Jersey & got out on parole..After being home for one day., he got a phone call stating that his dad has just passed he didn't report back to his parole officer like he was suppose to..He started drinking & was hanging out with the wrong people went down south & got in trouble and got arrested for , ASSAULT ON EMERGENCY PERSON DURING EMERG, RESISTING DELAY OBSTRUCTION OFFICER,ASSAULT BY STRANGULATION, EXTRADITION FUGITIVE OVER STATE, ROBBERY/DANGEROUS WEAPON..**** My question is will they ship him back to New Jersey for his parole violation or will they make him stay down south & do his time there, it has been almost a year and each month the court date changes...He has been in and out of jail his whole life...At this point i'm not sure when he will get release from jail.. ***2)Would it be a good choice for us to move and start a new life over, meaning that he will not be in contact with old friends & family...I just want to see him succeed in life & do positive things...

Asked: April 20,2016
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They will extradite him to New Jersey for the parole violation either before or after he answers these new charges. The courts in the two states will work out an agreement to satisfy them both. More than likely, he will have time to finish in New Jersey for the violation and serve another sentence "down south" on these very serious charges. We are dubious that he will be free for a while. The multiple new felony charges will make him vulnerable to a lengthy sentence as a repeat offender. He will not be in a position to start a new life for quite some time, we are afraid.
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