Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Hi my prisoner was in Bremer County Jail in Iowa. I was notified by Vinelink that he was transferred to another facility. i called Bremer County and the only information they had was that my prisoner was placed on a flight the day before and they were not given any info on where he was going. A few months ago there was talk him hoping to be transferred to a facility in New York state to be closer to family. I've checked Vinelink and there in no info on his whereabouts. I am wondering if you know where I could find this information? Thanks

Asked: December 17,2014
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What is his name, DOB and the state where he caught the charge? Also, if you know, was the charge a state or federal charge? By the sound of your information, the federal prisoners are usually the only ones transferred by air. We will find him for you.
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 18,2014

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