Reviewed on: April 14,2016

How can I get information on a juvenile in Garden State Youth Facility?

My son was recently sentenced to Garden State Youth Facility in Yardville. How can I find out what his release date is? Someone said all this type of information would be on this site, but it isn't. Probably because he just got there on 3/15/16. I put money on his books, set up my telephone land line for approval, sent a post card, and ordered one of those Jpeg music things. How soon will he be able to contact me? I just had surgery and am sure he wants to know how I am doing. When will he be able to call me??

Asked: March 17,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Most if not all juvenile inmate records that you are seeking are not made public based legal requirements afforded to minors. As his mother, you might try calling the facility and ask to speak with the case manager, counselor or unit team secretary to get more information.
Accepted Answer Date Created: March 18,2016

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