Reviewed on: December 21,2015

Someone I know talked with their probation officer and told him they couldn't pay the fines any more and wanted to turn them-self in. Probation officer said he would violate them and then a warrant would be issued. When that was done, the person was to call the probation officer and he would give directions of what the next step was so they could turn them-self in. As of last Monday, more than 6 phone calls and messages to the probation officer who's phone keeps going to voice mail, messages left asking for directions and NOT one phone call back to guide this person to what they need to do. This person wants to do the right thing but the probation officer isn't doing their part. What is the answer to this problem please?

Asked: December 20,2015
Ask the inmate answer
There is no real answer. The probation officer will get to the violation when he gets around to it. There is no rhyme or reason, we can empathize with your situation, but they go on their own timetable. There is an outside chance that they will NOT violate him for lack of payment because they are mindful that jobs and money are hard to come by. Non-payment is not the worse offense they see so maybe this PO is in the holiday spirit...?
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 21,2015

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