Reviewed on: April 14,2016

Is it safe to use another inmate's commissary account to buy things if your account is negative?

My sons commissary account at the John E. Polk jail in Florida is negative >$150.00...Florida likes to charge inmates $3.00 a day to be housed there (on top of what tax payers pay) Well, I am broke and can't afford to pay the negative balance, plus send additional money to help him get things he needs..but he has a buddy on his pod who said he can use his account and I already spoke to buddy's wife and she said for me to just give her the money and she will send it to her husband's account "for my son" this would help me so much because I could just send him $50.00 vs over $150.00. My son trusts his buddy, but what is the likely hood of pulling this off without those two getting caught? Does this kind of thing between inmates happen often?

Asked: March 19, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
It does happen a lot and it's not the kind of violation that they are looking to bust. There are many versions of this type of "service" one inmate does for another. We do not think there is much to be concerned with as long as the two involved stay in good graces with each other. These type deals go awry when the two inmates have an argument and someone overhears the dispute in a heated exchange of words. But other than an example like that, it will be fine. Keep the payments low, therefore the risk of loss is low, too.
Accepted Answer Date Created: March 20,2016

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