Reviewed on: February 04,2016

How do I go about finding out when my husbands parole date?

How do I go about finding out when my husbands PED parole eligibility date is? My husband is at high desert nv prison and is being told different things but different co's we are both really confused. Also how do we go about requesting house arrest? who would we need to contact and can i make that request or would it just be him even if i am power of attorney? To qualify does he need to be eligible for parole pr out on parole already

Asked: February 03,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Your power-of-attorney has nothing to do with anything related to his prison sentence. Parole eligibility is determined by the sentencing language from the judge. You may call the facility and ask to speak to the inmate's counselor or case manager to see if they have any information that they will share.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 04,2016

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