Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Hello again. My husband is being held at Whiteville Correctional Center in Tennessee. He had his parole revoked because of a misdemeanor trespassing charge. The TN Parole Board decided to revoke his parole and see him again at the first of December. Here are my questions: How far in advance will they let us know the date of his new hearing? Will or should they let him go home if he does not get any write-ups or in any trouble? My thinking was that he would because if they wanted more time out of him the TN Parole Board would have put him off for longer than 6 months. Any suggestions on classes or programs that he can take to hopefully "sway" the parole board's decision to release him in December? Thanks so much for your time and help!

Asked: July 27,2015
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The parole dates are randomly posted based upon the schedules of the board overseeing the hearings. We always encourage inmates to take as many courses as are offered and to follow the programming outlined by their counselors. Compliance to programming goes a long way toward impressing the decision-makers. The alternative looks like the inmate is being defiant or uncooperative. 
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