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Reviewed on: October 09,2015

How do they past time at Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center. Is there yard and TV any type of entertainment or do they have to sit and look at the walls all day. I have magazines going to my family member.

Asked: October 07,2015
Ask the inmate answer
All of the parish prisons in Louisiana have daily recreation, they have TVs, they have some form of book exchange, others have a library - but boredom is an issue. The inmate that can compartmentalize their situation and block out the surroundings can get into a meaningful routine of self-improvement and actually come out of there a better, more rounded individual. You help by sending in reading material. That is one of the main reasons InmateAid exists is to make the inmate's time go by faster. Send magazines and books, it is a fantastic way for an inmate to "escape".
Accepted Answer Date Created: October 08,2015