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Reviewed on: February 22,2016

How does the BOP decide what the custody level of an inmate is?

Why would BOP put my son in a high security USP when in his file at the transfer detention center his security level was noted as moderate to low as per his counselor and he has no flags. His counselor made comment that it was a good thing for him? He was just sentenced in Nov 2015 and in Jan 2016 was moved to a private facility in Nevada and 2 days ago he was moved to Florence high USP.

Asked: February 06,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The classification for inmate custody level is done in Beaumont TX by an arbitrary committee that looks at only hard data. This is not a punitive selection, it is based on several factors that are not made known to the public. If they have him in high security, they must have something more than you have heard. You would not be entitled to reviewing his file, nor could you get any information by calling them and asking. The best your son can do is get into the BOP's recommended programming and work like a good soldier for the next 6-9 months, keep his nose clean and then apply for a transfer. If he has been an excellent inmate, they will start working him down in custody levels until eventually he is home with you.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 07,2016

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