Reviewed on: October 07,2015

How hard is it to get envelopes and send letters? If nobody sends money to the prisoner are there ways they can send mail anyway??

Asked: November 11,2014
Ask the inmate answer
Mail is considered sacred in a prison, detention center or jail. There is a program for indigent inmates at every facility where they supply paper, pencil, envelopes and stamps. Whether the inmate has money on their books or not, there is no reason why an inmate cannot keep in touch if they want. You can make their time go by faster by sending letters as often as you can. Sending photos is an even better habit for you to get into. Don’t be that person promising photos from the holidays and other family events. Try InmateAid's photo service - you can take photos with your smart phone and send them to your inmate minutes after taking the picture. There are some cool things you can do to keep the letters flowing back and forth. Create a continuing story with your inmate. Begin a short story by writing the first paragraph. Ask your inmate to respond with the next paragraph. Set some rules about how many paragraphs the story will be. It can be funny how a single paragraph can change the meaning and direction of the plot. Both of you will be looking forward to the next letter.
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