Reviewed on: July 31,2019

How is the staff at FCI Miami Camp?

Can you please tell me if an inmate can request transfer closer to home? My husband is 396 miles away from me and our home, no other relatives. What is Miami camp like ? are the counselors motivated to assist inmates or just to get a paycheck?

Asked: July 28,2019
Ask the inmate answer

A federal inmate may request a transfer after 18 months at their current location. I was incarcerated at FCI Miami Camp (from 2006 through 2011) and I can attest first-hand that the staff there was very helpful. I would throw that question back at you and ask, "is your inmate the type to go over and above the norm to improve himself and buy into the programming they recommend?" If the answer is "yes", then the counselors like Mr Cabrera will give him every opportunity to better himself.

Accepted Answer Date Created: July 29,2019

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