Reviewed on: July 25,2018

How long is the in jail drug treatment program in Hillsborouh County Jail in Tampa FL? A friend has been sentanced to 364 days but the sentence is suspended after successfully completeting the drug treatment program.

Asked: July 24,2018
Ask the inmate answer

There is not set length of time. If the offender needs the help, they don't rush them out the door. Too many people get this type of HELP and just go through the motions to get out. Later, the regret sets in when the next time you're thinking about getting help it's too late... their either doing some hard time or worse. Take this sign and use this time to encourage them to get as much therapy as they can. It's not costing anything and believe me it will work if you are openminded and willing.

Accepted Answer Date Created: July 25,2018

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