Reviewed on: April 17,2016

How much time could my friend get for Internet piracy, what if the files has child pornography attached?

My friend is in jail and has been charged with pirating on the internet. I have heard that there were child pornography attachments to music he downloaded. What possible time is he looking at? Could he be extradited if from another country and not a U.S. citizen?

Asked: April 16,2016
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This sounds a little fishy. Make sure of what his EXACT charges are because piracy of Internet content like music is one very minor charge that is largely never pursued, child pornography is another - very seriously and aggressively prosecuted. It sounds like he might have been caught with child pronography and he was hiding the pictures in the music files. If this is a federal case (FBI involved) then he could face a lengthy prison sentence in the United States and the moment he is released would be immediately extradited.
Accepted Answer Date Created: April 17,2016

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