Reviewed on: April 06,2017

How to send money to inmate without western union

I'm trying to send money to someone in the joe Corley detention facility through western union but they keep asking me which facility as In a abbreviation but I've tried the name of the facility and GEO and western union can't find it

Asked: March 11,2015
Ask the inmate answer

Joe Corley Detention Center does not use Western Union. Here are the methods of funds transfer: Sending Money Money may be deposited to a detainee “trust fund account” through the mail or on the Internet.  Mail • No cash allowed. The only acceptable forms of monetary instruments are U.S. Postal Money Orders, Western Union Money Orders, Cashier’s Check, or U.S. Government Check. • All must be made payable to “Detainee Trust Fund” with the detainee’s name and A#. • It must also include the sender’s name and address. If a detainee has already been released, this may be the only means of returning the money. • Do not include any other items, as they will not be forwarded to the detainee or returned to the sender. Internet • The following website may be used to directly deposit funds into an account • Assistance using this method may be reached at 1-866-345-1884.

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