Reviewed on: May 29,2021

I've been getting ripped off by GTL every time I put money on my phone for my friend to call me collect. What makes inmateaid any different?

Asked: May 21,2021
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The first bit of free advice is to stop accepting "collect calls" from the jail. When you accept the call, it is at the most expensive rate. Regardless if you use InmateAid or not, you need to set up a prepaid account at GTL. If you are in-state, the calls are going to be more expensive than if you had an out-of-state number. We get you the right number that will save you money, or we refund the transaction. You can email us at to get an honest estimate.

Accepted Answer Date Created: May 22,2021

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I meant today what's the difference between Inmate Aid and GTL Telmate or Connect Network?
InmateAid uses the rate calculators of GTL. Telmate or Connect Network and then algorithmically searches for the cheapest rate THEY charge the inmate. The initiating phone number dialed by the inmate is how the call is tariffed. If one number is 50 cents a minute and another number is 21 cents per minute, the spread is substantial and so are the savings. It's not for everyone, if you are going to speak once or twice a month, InmateAid isnt going to make a big impact. But, for folks who talk everyday, the lines we provide create real substantial savings.