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Reviewed on: January 11,2016

I haven't talk to my baby's father for over a year I know he's possibly in here from what his sister told me .. But I have no contact with him .. How will I know if he reads my letter or if he even gets it or should I just wrote it the old fashion way on paper.. I just need to hear from him .. I just want him to know he isn't alone .. And western union I can't send anything cause I don't have his inmate number please help his name is Charvis-Bo ayers

Asked: October 29,2015
Ask the inmate answer
You may write him through our services or the old-fashioned way. For us to help further, we need to know more than his name. There are 2.4 million inmates currently incarcerated in our 50 states and there are no inmate searches solely by name alone. You need to have a state to begin with and their DOB usually.
Accepted Answer Date Created: October 30,2015

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